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Client comments


Annie B - Delmar NY

Lynn came into my life at a crucial time. I had a lot to learn regarding forgiving myself, letting go of regrets and keeping my sense of humor. Lynn has a way of helping people get back on track when they're feeling somewhat lost. I remind myself everyday of her words and ideas and suggestions. Life is good for me now and I credit Lynn Delgaudio for her wisdom and knowledge and generous nature. Sincerely from my heart, Anna Brickman

Jenny F - Asheville NC

Lynn is an awesome Health Coach. I truly enjoyed working with her. She is witty, easy going, honest, sincere, comforting and super motivational. Her compassion for helping people to love themselves and find their healthiest self in this world is honorable. She has so much personal experience and knowledge  to share with the world. She has helped me to shift my limiting belief thinking. I have so much more confidence after working with her. She can coach anyone through any situation.

Emily - Summerland SC

I love working with Lynn.  She listens very well and is very understanding.  She is also very knowledgeable about mindset, nutrition, and exercise.  She will be a great asset to have on your journey to a healthier, more vibrant life.  She will help you be your best if you are willing to put in the work.

John W - Cary NC

I was honestly skeptical at first, but that was part of what was getting in my way!  I had never heard of 'limiting beliefs' before, but I had a bunch that were getting in my way.  Once Lynn was able to coach me through, it seemed like so many doors started to open for me!  This is eye-opening stuff!